The Process

Initial Appointment: The Site Visit


To begin making your dream space a reality, we first need to see the space and take some measurements. We also want to meet you and discuss your design style, your desires for the space, and how to make your space functional. 

Preliminary Design & Consultation


After the initial visit, we will generate a preliminary design using 2D and 3D software. You will be able to see what your space could potentially look like. A second appointment will be scheduled to review these drawings and to firm up your design choices. The more decided you are on the design, the more accurate your pricing will be.  

Customized Quotation


You can expect to receive your quotation within 2 to 3 business days of the second appointment. Once you have looked over the design and the pricing, and you feel there are no more needed revisions, we will schedule a third appointment to sign the final quotation and discuss financial requirements.



After your third appointment, the design team will compile a comprehensive "build file" for the production team. Our engineers will conduct a final home visit to confirm final measurements. Once that is done, we will be ready to begin production and you will be given a hard date for your project. 



We have our own paint and stain shop, and with our expert finish specialist we have the ability to apply the perfect custom finish to your project. We can also match existing finishes or create new specialty finishes.



 Our install team will deliver your cabinets and counter tops to your site. During installation, meticulous attention is paid to assure a precise fit for all of the components. Before leaving your site, we thoroughly clean up and present the completed job for your inspection.